Your Fix for Saturday, January 2, 2010

Good morning! For five more minutes, anyway. Ish. Let’s see, what’s going on out there today?

OK — A lot of Iraqis are upset about Thursday’s decision by a U.S. judge’s to dismiss charges against five Blackwater security guards who had been accused of killing 14 Iraqi civilians and wounding 20 others in 2007. You’ll probably remember that Blackwater is a private security firm hired by the government to provide security to U.S. officials in Iraq. More here, in the Washington Post. Iraqis say the decision shows disregard for the lives of Iraqi civilians. Said one who was injured in the shooting incident, “I’ll be ready to reconcile with the Americans when they bring me back my eye.” Yep.

Also . . . a Somali man broke into the home Friday of a Danish cartoonist who made a lot of Muslims mad in 2005-2006 when a cartoon featuring an unflattering rendition of the prophet Mohammed was published in a Danish newspaper. The Somali was yelling “revenge” and other unpleasantries when police apprehended him with a bullet. He’s expected to recover. More here from AP. Here’s the image that upset a number of devout Muslims.


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