Fix? or Fluff? Neither, I guess.

I ran across this “Prayer for Peace” at a church service today and really liked it — it addresses some serious issues in a way that is unorthodox, but I’ve tried it on a smaller scale, praying for people I have personal issues with, and if it doesn’t change the person prayed for, it certainly does change the person doing the praying. So if you pray, consider this:

Lord God, our gracious Father, I pray for your peace in the world. I pray Father that You will touch the hearts of the Israelis, once your chosen people, and the Palestinians and the people of Hamas. Turn their hearts to Your peace to live in harmony with their neighbors. Touch the hearts of the leaders and people of Egypt, Jordan, Iran, Syria, Libya, and Lebanon and turn them to peace in the Middle East.

I pray Father, that You will touch the heart of Osama bin Laden and his followers to turn them to peace. Touch the hearts of the Taliban around the world and turn them to peace. Bring peace to Afghanistan andn Pakistan through them.

Father, continue to touch the heart of Muqtada al-Sadir, and through him bring Your peace to Iraq.

Father, touch the heart of the people and leaders of North Korea to turn them from hatred and discontent to peace. Amen.

Now isn’t THAT something. It may shock you to hear kind words for bin Laden coming out of your mouth, but believe me, it’s a growth experience. And really, as laymen, it may be all we can do in this whole “war on terror” mess. For the moment, anyway.

I should mention that this prayer was written by a member of my father’s church who is a veteran and wanted the congregation to pray for these issues. His name is Mickey Rosenblum, and the church is Middlebrook Pike United Methodist in Knoxville, TN.


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