Oh LORD this is some serious fluff . . .

but here’s the thing: I love awards shows. I love them so much, I live-blog them. So tonight’s feature is hilarious because it’s one of the low-rent, first-of-the-year awards shows, the People’s Choice Awards. Who are The People? No one really knows, do they? but the stars all thank The People when they pick up their awards, and the dresses are pretty and well it’s like a warmup to the Golden Globes and the Oscars and all. But here’s the thing: the People’s Choice Awards are so low-rent, there’s not even a red carpet “what are you wearing” special beforehand, not even on E! television. CBS, which is running the awards, is running a reality show called “I Get That A Lot” (fortunately the CBS execs at least understand that “a lot” is two words) before the awards show. So: think of this as a practice run for the season. Everybody else does.

Heeeere we go! Who’s gonna wear the ugliest dress? My money’s on Kathy Griffin. She’s a freak show, people. An unfunny, low-class one. Let’s see if she shows up.

Meanwhile, I think the opening “I Dreamed a Dream” number is pitche a little too high for the Queen. Better now that she’s swung into a little jazzy thingie. Nice joke referencing Hugh Jackman!! Lordy. Man, I’m soooo tired of the vampire stuff! But the joke about them are good.


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