jhnmmq222222222222222222222222222Taylor and Taylor?? Will there be fireworks??

So the two recently broken-up Taylors, Swift of the country music industry and Lautner of the Twilight franchise and some particularly dreamy if underage abs, are both appearing at People’s Choice despite having broken up recently. Woo-hoo! I’m glad they both had the guts to appear as they would each cut the pretty quota by half if they failed to show up. I can’t help it, I like them. They’re both smart, driven, young, and pretty. What’s not to like? Also, did I mention Taylor Lautner’s abs? Not that I’m looking, because he’s only 17. But I salute his dedication to the physical aspects of his character. That’s it, yes. Exactly. And that’s all it is. Really. Yes.

by the way, I’m so glad for Mariah that she won and award, but shouldn’t she have worn a dress and heels in which she could walk without assistance? Mariah doesn’t thank The People — she thanks “my fans.” What, the rest of us aren’t good enough for you and your double-wide ass? NOT that I should talk, please excuse me.

Oh yargh. Latifah just exhorted the crowd to “give it up for The People!!” Have I joined a cult?


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