“the People” have become “the Fans”

according to the winners of best TV comedy, “The Big Bang Theory.” Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki praise “the fans”while Jim Parsons breaks down and thanks “you, People.” I sulk. How I Met Your Mother is SO much sexier than this silly geek show. At least it wasn’t Two and a Half Men, which in my mind is “Three Wanna-be’s That Together Might Add Up to One-and-a-half Penises.” Bah. Charlie Sheen, bah. I miss your brother. Emilio, call me!!! Or at least take a friggin’ acting job again. Please? I need a short, middle-aged hottie to love.

Also, Kaley Cuoco could never not be cute, but is she wearing a Hefty bag? Not that I don’t think it’s cute. It is just very black and shiny. Also, Johnny Galecki needs a shave. Jim Parsons, you need to stop talking. Thank you.


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