backing up here a minute . . .

I skipped a priceless moment from my gay boyfriend Neil Patrick Harris, who is shown in a How I Met Your Mother clip (nominees for best comedy actor) playing his ladies’ man character Barney (oh how I love the irony, even while his lack of interest in women rips my heart apart) going, “You should have seen this girl [gestures] — bang, PING, paDOW, GA-donk.” He is so smart, and a full-body comedian, and great with his voice too. How could have have been Doogie for all those years when he was waiting to reveal all of this? There’s another moment in a HIMYM episode where the whole gang of five friends dive under a restaurant table — the four others, Alyson Hannigan, Jason Segel, Cobie Smulders and — crap! What’s the name of the guy who plays the main character! Josh something? Radnor, that’s it. Anyway, the four of them are positioned on the sides of the table and NPH is on the end, facing the camera. The four dive straight down, but NPH, being the punch line, throws his long arm up in the air and tosses his napkin as he dives so that once he’s hidden, you still have this hapless little napkin fluttering down to punctuate what just happened. Brilliant! He also does that comic dash-exit where you fling one arm out in front of you and the other one back, so the exaggerated movement is reminiscent of a cartoon.

Oh I could go on for days.


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