Johnny Depp is going to say something odd.

I just know it. He always does.

Dang it, Borat won’t stop talking. and you know, he’s good-looking. What is it about the British and their good-looking, outrageous comics? He and Russell Brand, man. Thank God Benny Hill kept it real.

Johnny is unwittingly wearing dreads, or something close. He really neeeds shampoo and a comb. And some jeans without holes. His speech is mostly just saying “thank you” while people scream at him.

There it is! “I sincerely thank you for bestowing on me all your great treasures.” zowie. WAs someone out there giving him treasures besices Vanessa Paradis?

Anyway. That’s the show, and real life will commence as usual tomorrow. BUt Sunday! It’s the Golden Globes! Which I promise I will do live, in its entirety. Two weeks later it’s the Grammys! I love awards season for perking up the winter months. And inspiring me to keep exercising. Those poor stars, they can’t really settle down and get fat and happy like the rest of us when it’s cold. I bet some serious eating happens in March.

Goodnight everybody!


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