random fluff

I swore I would not blog about the Critic’s Choice Awards because I’m just watching a playback while I pay bills and lift some far-too-long unfamiliar free weights (10 pounds!! Be impressed!) but I just have to say: what the heck is wrong with Tobey Maguire’s hair? Did he let his newly-born infant style it? He said something like “can’t forget the real world” while announcing VH1’s Haiti donations campaign and I was thinking “like you forgot your hair stylist . . . ”

Anyway back to the bills. But ZOWIE kudos to the show producers for using The Cars for their segue-to-commercial. I miss those guys.

ANd what the hey is up with the stupid “insert” button on the keyboard? Does anybody really use that rather than curse it?

BTW, if i were 4’10” and had another two octaves’ range and great boobs and more self-confidence, I’d be Kristen Chenowith.

Who am I kidding? I’m no Kristen Chenowith. But I coulda been a contender.


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