Christoph Waltz wins Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture,

which is fine, if you don’t mind Satan himself winning Golden Globes. But he did do an amazing job in Inglourious Basterds. But does he have any friends left? It’s like an actor playing Hitler. Can anyone forgive someone for that? Let’s call Martin Wuttke, who actually did play Hitler in this film, and see what his social calendar looks like.

Mr. Waltz is quite nice to look at, and I can’t even imagine how many languages he’s fluent in besides French, German, English, and Italian. And Sappy. Did I mention he speaks Sappy?

I don’t know if this still is from the Golden Globes or not. But it’s the same face and similar podium to the one you’ve been seeing all awards season, and will keep seeing up until he wins the Oscar. Mark my words, people.


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