Best Actor in a TV drama

. . . will go to Hugh Laurie, but should go to Jon Hamm, and no, I forgot, Michael C. Hall has extra pity points. Or maybe he’s just really that good, I should watch the show. Right?

I like how his cancer-hiding hat goes with his shiny tuxedo jacket. But why did he thank his wife for wearing “that dress”? It’s white and high-necked and the shoulders are more than padded, they’re obnoxious. Were her other options too sexy for him? And did she just want to look like Kate Hudson? What is with all the white, ladies? Marion Cotilliard, will you weigh in please?

Assuming you weigh anything, you skinny little actress. You people give size 4 a bad name. Because size 4 is the very skinniest any normal woman should be, and you are at least a 2.


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