Drew Barrymore wins for Grey Gardens . . .

and isn’t it a lovely evening? She is just charming in her flusteredness.

And I’ve just realized how nice it is not to have seen one Twilight actor or actress all evening. Not that I don’t like them too, but this evening has a nice non-teen-fan feel to it. We’re all grownups here. Except for Steve Carell, of course.

Drew took some guff for this dress, the nude lips, and the blowzy bouffant hair. But aside from the fact that maybe her lip color could have been just a tidge darker while still being nudish, I love this look. I don’t know anybody else who could carry off this crazy hair. But she has done it at least twice, to mostly bad reviews, and I love it.

This is last year’s crazy hair, at the Golden Globes. I tell you, for her kookiness and willingness to have fun, it works for me.

In fact, I think we ought to just name any style this big and windblown-looking: crazy hair. Updo, half up-half down, blowout, and crazy hair. I accidentally typed “loonking” up there and should have left it; Freudian slip.


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