Green Day “American Idiot” number.

blown. away. Effing AWESOME. I have this album somewhere and am so digging it out. This is going to be a stage show? I’ll go to NY for that!

btw wasn’t J-Lo sweet introducing this number? Her eye makeup was amazing. I wasn’t sure her eyelashes weren’t going to start to flap and fly right off her face, taking all that pretty silver paint with them.

srsly, if I could look like that, you KNOW I would.

And again: I really really love this number. Can I go ahead and buy the cast album already? Can Glee go ahead and cover this??

Yowza. The drummer’s looking just a little too “Animal” for me to be comfortable. Will he implode and leave behind just a few tiny green globules? Or a shred of orange synthetic fur?

OK wait — the tease for the Michael Jackson tribute includes a performance by Celine Dion. Dammit! I KNEW I should have forked over the cash for that new “Mute All Celine Dion” feature on my cable. I swear. She is thing only thing I hate about Canada.


One response to “Green Day “American Idiot” number.

  1. Also, what does it say about me that two of my friends are live blogging the Grammys? Switching between you and Stephen at

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