Another sign I need to be listening to the Kings of Leon . . .

with the Grammy for record of the year, the universe is trying to tell me something . . . .could it be that I am WAY behind on the whole Kings of Leon thing, despite the fact that they’re from my home state? All right, boys, I’d prefer you not get on stage half-drunk, but I can’t say I haven’t done the same.

As for what comes next . . . that would be my reformed bad-boy boyfriend, Robert Downey, Jr, whose glasses are askew. And who is not getting as many laughs as he did at the — what was it, the Golden Globes? I don’t remember. Nice suit, though. He is one snazzy dresser.

Jamie Fox is doing a number that started with opera and then went to a country I rarely visit. Electronica. Side trip to Headbangers’ Basement.

I wish I were more tolerant of rappers’ nicknames. But, problem 1) they’re self-imposed,which ruins the lovely organic humor or logic of a nickname. and 2) they follow trends. I love rappers who can act, but every time I hear “Ice T,” it hurts. I mean, that’s the kind of thing you’d think someone would AVOID because it calls up memories of your gramma’s kitchen.


One response to “Another sign I need to be listening to the Kings of Leon . . .

  1. Kirstin (Wortman) Pires

    I love the word “askew.”

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