Katy Perry and Alice Cooper

A) Love Katy’s Betty Page hair; and B) this whole “show an old photo and play vocals while the presenters are speaking” thing isn’t working for me. But the Betty Page hair? Yeah, Katy, I’d rummage through your closet anytime. And this time, I mean it in the most platonic of ways. I kissed a girl too, but honey, it was boring. Did the flavored lip balm make a difference for you? Should I try that?

oh hell. Men are so much easier to deal with anyway.

Green Day has won something, and I don’t know what it is, and you know, it really doesn’t matter because the Grammy categories are impossible to understand anyway. I do have a lot of respect for these crazy guyliner punks. And please, guys, you can stop talking about shots ANYTIME. It would be nice. And classy.


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