Did you know the Grammys are three and a freakin’

half hours long? Worse than the Oscars.

Go Wyclef Jean. You keep speaking out. Lord. Haiti is so close and we are so far away at the same time. Honey, pimp it out. Talk for Haiti. We don’t get enough international news, and that’s why it takes a major earthquake to make people aware of the fact that Haiti NEEDS OUR RICH ASSES. Hear me? Do something. Read up. Send some money. Get aware, bitches. There’s a whole world out there that we usually don’t pay attention to. Start reading the web pages for Voice of America, the BBC. Sure, NPR is great, you crazy-ass liberals, but look, even they don’t pay equal attention to the rest of the world as they do to the US. Use Google News. www.news.google.com. Don’t let us journalists tell you what to think about. Get curious, plug random questions into Google, check the world out. We Americans are so fortunate. We really must share. We have to. Because someday, someone else will be on top, and we’ll need them to be mindful of us. So play nice with others. Stay informed. Give as much as you can. And don’t shut your mind to the horrors that are going on in the rest of the world. Open your eyes, digest it, deal with it, and do something about it. You’d want someone to do that for you.


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