Oh dear. I really am gone . . .

because I’m jammin’ to “Livin’ on a Prayer.” I usually hate that song. Do you suppose it’s the live performance, or the fact that Jon Bon Jovi is great-looking?

Don’t answer that.

OK Mos Def and Plathido Domingo. Plathido is announcing Andre Previn’s Lifetime Achievement Award, and WHEEEE! suddenly we’re on to Best Rap Performance. Here is where I’m going to get totally lost. I’m so white. So very redheaded, freckle-faced, and white. I don’t even watch sports. How did I escape braces and orthopedic shoes?

OK great I like Rihanna and Jay-Z. Can live with that. And Kanye West? thank you SO MUCH for not showing up. LOVE Rihanna’s little man — “wanna say anything?” “No thanks.”


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