Oh NO. Celine Dion is going to sing.

With Jennifer Hudson and Usher and Carrie Underwood. Celine, is there some sort of Catholic service I could request to get you to go away?

Did I mention she’s my least favorite thing about Canada? I’m a big fan of Canada. Except that it produced an alien baby who was really meant to be born in Las Vegas. Like 60, 70 years ago, when cheesy was popular.

OK. I still do hate Celine, but this is a really compelling number. Michael, we hardly knew ye. At least I did.

Please please please hug Bobby for me. Tell him I’m coming. Tell him we all miss him.

I hope you’re still making music. And for God’s sake I hope you don’t still have a physical face because man, the plastic surgery was WAY outta hand. I mean it.


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