Sheryl Crow has won NINE Grammys?

OK look, she’s hot, especially for being over 40, but nine??? She’s not a great vocalist at all! I really don’t love her. I don’t love the songs she chooses. I certainly think her voice is normal, not great. How does this happen? What am I missing?

Oh THANK YOU Bon Jovi, whom I learned to love late in life, is going to play “Who Says You Can’t Go Home,” which I swear will be my new karaoke favorite, thank you for turning me on to it, Jennifer Nettles. Girl. I have a thousand good things to say about you.

But back to Bon Jovi — I can only blame my brother liking them for my distaste for this band. Not only is Jon Bon Jovi — well, let’s just get this out in the open — great to to look at — OMG, It’s Jennifer!!!

Ok, fantastic, she’s got SUCH a deep accent but the thing is, she sounds so good you can’t help but love her. I really wish Bon Jovi had stayed with the country thing. Maybe Darius Rucker can seduce them to come back.


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