Taylor Swift is definitely a cute, smart, sassy . . .

songwriter. I do love her, but I also think her writing talents go beyond her singing talents. But hey, singing can be learned and different sounds appeal to different people. Evidenced by the fact that Stevie Nicks ever had a career, because I feel like she sounds like a goat with malaria.

I don’t think these two music legends can hear their monitor speakers. They’re just not quite putting the harmony together and I don’t think it’s their fault. I do love that that they’re singing Rihanna, given the fact that Rihanna is there.

and OH! Now they’re doing Taylor’s song that I love. But still, Stevie’s harmonies are fine, but a million people could have done them. I just don’t care for her voice. Is that so wrong? Am I horrible?

I do love the Grammys for this reason — you not only get to see musicians having some of the best moments of their lives, but you see collaborations between artists that you’ll never see elsewhere. Lada Gaga and Elton John’s opener was a great example. And I’ve not gone to a Pink concert — does she do the dripping-sling bit often? Or will she, now that she’s debuted it? Because that’s why I watch the Grammys. They are confusing and crazy and I don’t know half the artists on the show, but the costumes are outrageous and the performances are one of a kind.

Also, sometimes Robert Downey, Jr. shows up, and that always makes my day. 🙂


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