Album of the Year.

Beyonce? I could do that. Blackeyed Peas, eh. Lady Gaga, it is SO your year. but Dave Matthews, I love you. And Taylor Swift, honey, well we all know how I feel about you.

OH. Taylor, congratulations. You have officially peaked, and you are going to need some serious therapy to get through the rest of your life. But yay for you!

But I’m serious about the therapy, get your manager to get right on that. Don’t waste any time, your ego is going to start going into weird shapes even as you give that victory speech. In fact, you’re talking about how crazy your family is going already. Good thinking, they’re gonna need therapy too.
But girl! Listen to you talking about how you’re going to tell your grandchildren about this moment! She’s got some perspective. I can’t not love this sweet, candid, talented girl. I think she’s gonna be OK. Our girl’s gonna be OK.

And THAT, my friends, is the Grammys. See you again soon.


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