You want me to sing WHAT?

Roots rocker Scott Miller tours nationally, both solo and with his band the Commonwealth. If you haven’t heard him, check this out.

He enjoys appearing a little cranky onstage, but in reality he couldn’t be nicer. When I asked him about fan behavior that bothers him, here’s what he emailed me.

Pet Peeve fan behavior #1: You know you burn copies of my record. I know you burn copies of my record. But don’t TELL me you burned copies! If I’m going to live in poverty, let me at least live in ignorance and poverty.

Pet Peeve fan behavior #2: “You remind me of “. You know another clever singer/songwriter? Guess what, he stole if from Woody Guthrie too. We all did.

Pet Peeve fan behavior #3: Birthday mentions. [Being asked to sing Happy Birthday during a show.] There are over 3 BILLION people on the planet and only 365 days in a year; chances are its someone else’s birthday too. No, really, the CHANCES ARE ( do the math). So let’s not open that can of birthday worms, shall we?

On the other hand, he says, he says he sure appreciates what he’s got.

I have very loyal fans who want to “see me win”. You can’t ask for much more. AND people are laying down their hard earned dollar to hear you play. In the end, you must respect that. If you think you’re too good for that, you won’t last long in showbidness.

And if you liked that, here’s more at the Scott Miller website.

Album art for "Note of Hope"

Speaking of Woody Guthrie, there’s a new compliation album of his music, Note of Hope. Here’s the NPR review.

I’ll be adding additional comments from performers as I get them, so please check back in.


One response to “You want me to sing WHAT?

  1. I really enjoy your signature question about artists’ fan pet peeves … I find it’s nice to have an icebreaker question that really gets a singer to think outside the box, so after a particularly bruising interview I like to ask them what they wish they’d get asked but never do 😉

    DId I mention I’m loving this blog? You’ve earned a follow 🙂

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