Although you could help me coil cable . . .

I spoke recently with Samantha Lane, an L.A.-based singer-songwriter about the things that fans do that sort of bother her. She says she feels bad when fans come up and want to talk when she’s just finished playing. The reason is that Lane plays smaller shows and has to do her own setup and breakdown, and often there’s another musician waiting to go on.

She’s actually apologetic about it. And she encourages people: “don’t be afraid to wait until after, to talk to me.”

Lane’s cool in that she welcomes communication with the people who like her work — hence, she’ll have a little time for people who’ll wait til she’s available to talk after a show. She also prefers building up a little communication with people over email, rather than field blank requests for her head shot (meaning, her professional photograph). She says “I love emails saying ‘hey this song really moves me'” – but prefers that people offer a little bit of context when they ask for a photo — are they a fan, why they would like a photograph — something that helps her know them a little bit. Otherwise, it can be a little weird.

That said, she adds, if you like her music, “don’t be afraid to create a relationship” with her over email. She’s been corresponding with a teenager who has similar aspirations and says she really enjoys that relationship. “It was all about the music. It’s really all about sharing creativity.”

As for pressure to create new music, she says that’s a compliment. “You want to know people want more.” It’s a motivator for her, too. “Some people are prolific and write a hundred songs a year, and I’m not that person. But it makes me happy when people ask.” Lane’s current album, “Find a Way,” can be found here.

Lane’s music is being used in an upcoming film called “Cotton” starting Gary Cole. More on the film here.


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