After a Zombie-filled Weekend

Having returned from a weekend in Atlanta at the Walker Stalkers convention, I have lots of stuff to share. First is a link to the piece I did for my day job.

And on top of that, here’s a zombie TV piece my friend Steve did about a week earlier, timed to coincide with Halloween.

Some takeaways from the convention, which was packed.
1) Walking Dead fans are SMART. The questions they offered up at the Q&A panels with actors and producers were better than the questions we media people were coming up with. I’ll be posting excerpts from those sessions later this week, as I get the transcripts finished.

2) Walking Dead actors are really gracious to their fans. Andrew Lincoln, in particular, was just lovely and I think he sets the tone for the rest of the cast.

3) It is possible to be totally normal, and completely fanatical about a TV show, at the same time.

4) Norman Reedus is insanely popular, and was sort of the mythical beast of the convention. You never saw him; you just saw the lines of fans waiting to meet him. Getting to him for an autograph was evidently an hours-long ordeal.

5) Things that look different in real life than on television: some of the men look shorter. With the women, it was tiny heads. Like little birds.

6) All of the actors were just as attractive as they are on screen, and as an added bonus, they were clean and well-dressed. And not carrying weapons, so those were all pluses.

There’s plenty more to come, but so much that I have to spend some time processing it all. For now, zombie friends, shamble on! And don’t eat anybody.


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