Eric: Great question. Great question. Next?

Q: I was wondering if you ever had zombie dreams.

Lincoln: You know, I don’t. I’m one of these weird human beings that doesn’t remember their dreams. I’ve been told that apparently I do have dreams but I just don’t have the imagination to remember them. (laughter) But actually that’s a lie. I do have nightmares. I’m plagued by nightmares. But they’re all – they’ll be about forgetting lines. That’s my equivalent of a zombie dream, is being on stage, with my pants down, not knowing my lines. It’s far worse than zombies, trust me.

Q: Hello, sir. How are you?

Lincoln: Doing well. How are you? Let’s stay here for a while. We got 10 minutes.

Q: So I notice in real life you don’t have much of a Southern accent? (laughter, applause)

Lincoln: (drawls) You kiddin’ me? I’m from Alabama. (even louder laughter, cheers) It’s in the house. Keeping quiet . . . as a mouse. What am I saying? (light laughter – he’s making no sense)

Q: I’m actually from Alabama too, so . . . (laughter) and I do have a Southern accent. So how long did it take you to get the Rick voice, to prepare to get that tone and that timbre?

Lincoln: Aah, it depends. I came early. When I got the gig, in the sort of, with my brother’s voice echoing in my ears — (gets very close to mic, deepens voice comically) “DON’T . . . FUCK IT UP” – I arrive early and get the accent in place. ***And I work with an amazing dialect coach called Jessica Drake, who also David Morrissey and LC [Lauren Cohan] and a few others that come on the show work with. And she’s amazing, she writes it phonetically and it looks like gibberish. I’ve done it at dinner parties. I’ve just said, I got people drunk and just go, “Read this.” (laughter) And they go, (deep Southern accent) “My name is Rick Griiiiiimes.” (laughter) It’s amazing, it’s like cheating. But yeah, I came and I thought, I wanted to get that done before I even saw a zombie because I’d have a lot more to worry about on my plate. But I wreck my voice sometimes, so — if there’s any extras or people who’ve worked on the show here – they’ve seen me do quite weird shit. (laughter) When you’ve been without water and things, there’s a tone that anybody who lives here knows. It dries you out, you know. And if there’s an emotional scene – I said to Jon Bernthal one time, when he emailed me, he said “how’s it going?” I said “I’m gonna wreck my voice.” And he said, “Ohhh, it’s one of THOSE days.” (laughter) And you know, unless I’ve lost my voice, I don’t think I’ve done the job some days. Screaming, some big action sequences demand that you don’t look after your voice. And I suppose I have lost it a couple of times. But that obviously means I’m doing my job.

Eric: All right, over here, we want to get a few more in. We have about 5 minutes.

Q: James and Eric, I want to thank you, because you just made this woman’s dream come true. (applause) Andy, I don’t have so much a question so as just to say I would like to say thank you for me and my husband because Christmas is not Christmas at our house until we have watched Love Actually. (huge cheers, applause)

Aw, shucks. (applause continues) Yeah, well, thank you.

Q: And my husband told me I could not come today to do your card scene because, he said, “Sweetie, that man has probably seen that too many times.” (laughter) But that has got to be one of the most touching scenes ever filmed, and I would just like to say thank you very much, you make our holidays every year, and just . . . . just please know that. And we’re just such big fans of yours. And also (laughter, applause)

Lincoln: (over laughter) Sorry about the rest of the year, where I fail you horribly. (applause)

Q: A friend downstairs is volunteering, and she said if I got the chance: we know you and Norman have a hot and heavy bromance going. (laughter, cheers)

Lincoln: Our secret’s out, yeah.

Q: But – this is a serious discussion, take this seriously, now – (laughter)

Lincoln: All right.

Q: — from the cast of Love Actually, who would be a better partner than Norman? Because there’s Alan Rickman, he’s hot; (laughter) and then there’s Bill [Nighy] more laughter), I mean, think about it, Andy, if you would have a bromance –

Lincoln: I can’t have Kiera Knightley? She’s not in the equation?

Q: No, bromance, Andy. BROmance.

Lincoln: It’s boys. We’re talking boys. (laughter) I’ll tell you what, Hugh Grant’s really hot. Colin Firth, he’s a hottie. There’s a lot of hot tottie in that show, I have to say. But it’ll have to be, it might be, it’ll have to be Chiwetel Ejiofor. By the way, has anybody seen 12 Years a Slave? Go and see this movie. Go and see it. It’s a really important movie. Ah, Bill Nighy would be my hot tottie. (cheers) I’m trying to get him on the show, by the way, guys. (more cheers) Spoiler.

James: Last question.

Q: I don’t really – I don’t have a question but uh, I want to say I love you on the show. I didn’t get a chance to get an autograph or anything but I have a gift for you. Would it be OK for me to give it to you?

Lincoln: Of course. Yeah. Have you got a pen as well? Can I give you an autograph? (audience goes “awwww”)

Eric: Can somebody get us a Sharpie? Quick Sharpie, quick Sharpie. Thank you. Where’s the gift? Where’s the gift? Come on.

[Woman approaches the stage with a gift-wrapped box, hands it to Lincoln, who crouches down on the stage to accept it]

Q: Hi.

Eric: We lied; we have one more question. Because that wasn’t really a question.

[Lincoln unwraps the gift; it is a Native American dream-catcher. Audience “awws” once again.]

Eric: It’s a homemade dream-catcher. Very sweet. Very sweet. (outbreak of laughter)

James: [to audience] I don’t know if you heard it: somebody says, ‘Now you WILL remember your dreams.’ (laughter) OK. One more.

Q: So I have a question about the prison and the disease in season 4. So, what do you think is going to happen? (big laughter – the audience has been advised actors can’t talk about upcoming plotlines)

Lincoln: Wait a minute. Is this a setup? (more laughter) Uhh, crazy shit’s gonna happen. (laughter) Um, yeah. It’s just, just – well what I would say about this season is that I think it’s the most detailed story – it reminds me very very much of first season in storytelling and character. But rest assured the midseason finale is the biggest one we’ve ever done. I mean, beyond. On every single level storywise, emotion, nad just the scale of it. But um, I just read the last episode, and it’s like nothing else. We’re going into much deeper, darker, more grown-up space. It feels like the show is really growing up. So hold onto your hats, is what I will say. (applause) I’ll tell you what happens is – [mimes speaking into the mic, telling the story] (laughter, applause)

Eric: All right, guys, let’s give it up for Andrew Lincoln.


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